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Dental Sealants Can Help Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

Although I love my daughter, I have never loved how sneaky she can be. After she kept coming home from dental checkups with cavities, I told her that candy had to stay out of our house until her checkups improved. Well, she found a loophole in our agreement, and she kept eating candy at friends' houses and at school. I realized I was fighting a losing battle, so I asked her dentist what we could do. He told me that she was a good candidate for a dental sealant that coated her teeth and protected them from decay. I could not believe there was such an easy way to help improve her smile. I had the sealant applied to her molars, and she hasn't had a cavity since! I created this blog to spread the word about how well dental sealants can work to help preserve children's smiles.


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Dental Sealants Can Help Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

Do You Need A Temporary Or Permanent Filling?

by Vera Bradley

In general, a dental filling is a type of material that replaces any missing tooth structure. While this is usually due to tooth decay, there are other reasons you might need a filling. Not only that, there are temporary fillings and permanent fillings.

Here is the way to tell the difference, and information about when you need each type of dental filling:

Temporary Fillings

The first type of filling is a temporary filling. There are a few different reasons to use a temporary filling. The first reason is if you have severe tooth decay and your tooth is not yet ready for the permanent filling. In this case, you will make several visits to your dentist.

They begin with the temporary filling, which allows the pulp and nerves to heal, before returning for your permanent filling. Another reason for a temporary filling is if you have recently had a root canal. A material called gutta percha is inserted into the open canal so protect your tooth and prevent infection until you can cover the tooth with a crown. In both cases, the temporary filling lasts about a month or so.

Permanent Fillings

The other type of filling you may need is a permanent filling. This is the more common type of filling and is used to replace missing tooth structure as a result of tooth decay. If you have a cavity, you will need to get a filling. A drill is used first to remove some of the decayed enamel, then the dentist will add the filling. There are different types of permanent fillings:

  • Silver amalgam – This is an older type of filling, but it is still used today in some instances. Silver amalgam is preferred by some dentists because it is a very strong and durable material. It includes a combination of different materials, including mercury, silver, tin, and zinc. The mercury content is what many people shy away from when silver amalgam fillings are recommended.
  • Composite resin – The majority of dentists now recommend that you get a composite resin filling, if you are getting a permanent filling. The composite resin is a material made of different acrylic resins and other filler materials. They are mixed to be the same color as your other teeth, so it is not noticeable that you have a filling. It also does not contain any mercury or toxic materials. The filling is applied as a wet material, then an ultraviolet light is used to harden it.

If you are in need of a filling, talk to your dentist about whether you need a temporary or permanent filling, and what your options are. If you have other questions, contact a company like Millcreek Dental Care to learn more.