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Dental Sealants Can Help Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

Although I love my daughter, I have never loved how sneaky she can be. After she kept coming home from dental checkups with cavities, I told her that candy had to stay out of our house until her checkups improved. Well, she found a loophole in our agreement, and she kept eating candy at friends' houses and at school. I realized I was fighting a losing battle, so I asked her dentist what we could do. He told me that she was a good candidate for a dental sealant that coated her teeth and protected them from decay. I could not believe there was such an easy way to help improve her smile. I had the sealant applied to her molars, and she hasn't had a cavity since! I created this blog to spread the word about how well dental sealants can work to help preserve children's smiles.


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Dental Sealants Can Help Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

Two Issues That May Require An Emergency Dentist

by Vera Bradley

While many people think of dental problems as being little more than toothaches, it should be noted that there are many instances where it is essential for patients to seek out professional medical care as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is common for individuals to underestimate the severity of their dental problems, which may cause them to delay seeking treatment. If you experience either of the following two dental issues, you may want to consider seeking care from an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

A Cracked Tooth

There can be many accidents that may cause you to accidentally crack one of your teeth. This might seem like a painful but relatively minor problem to experience. Unfortunately, this is far from the case, and a crack in one of your teeth can represent a serious dental issue if it is left untreated. This crack will make it easier for decay to develop because it will cause major damage to the tooth's enamel. Additionally, a cracked tooth may also be more susceptible to developing an infection. For these reasons, you should have your tooth treated by a dentist as soon as possible if it has developed this type of damage.

Severe Swelling And Discharge

Severe swelling of the gums or discharge can mean a number of different problems may be developing. Whether it is an abscess or a major gum infection, it is important to have this issue treated quickly. It is possible for the bacteria from these problems to enter the bloodstream, which may allow them to cause problems in other areas of the body.

In many instances, this type of problem will require receiving a shot of antibiotics to help the body fight off the infection. Additionally, the abscessed tooth may require a root canal or extraction to eliminate the pain and infection. This may be followed by a prescription of antibiotics to help ensure that the infection does not return. While these procedures may not be very enjoyable, they can be the only option for eliminating the infection before it can spread.

Dental emergencies can be an unfortunate fact of life, but there are many people that are not particularly well-informed about what when they should seek out these services. By understanding the importance of having cracked teeth and swelling addressed by an emergency dentist as soon as possible, you can be better informed about what is needed to keep your smile looking great.