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Dental Sealants Can Help Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

Although I love my daughter, I have never loved how sneaky she can be. After she kept coming home from dental checkups with cavities, I told her that candy had to stay out of our house until her checkups improved. Well, she found a loophole in our agreement, and she kept eating candy at friends' houses and at school. I realized I was fighting a losing battle, so I asked her dentist what we could do. He told me that she was a good candidate for a dental sealant that coated her teeth and protected them from decay. I could not believe there was such an easy way to help improve her smile. I had the sealant applied to her molars, and she hasn't had a cavity since! I created this blog to spread the word about how well dental sealants can work to help preserve children's smiles.


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Dental Sealants Can Help Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

    3 Ways To Manage Chronic Pain Without Drugs

    When it comes to health care, the range of options available can make decisions concerning your health overwhelming. If you suffer from chronic pain, the choices can be even more daunting, particularly when reaching for the pill bottle is not a desirable option. Fortunately, there are a variety of alternative options available that could prove beneficial in reducing the symptoms of your illness. While these methods may be beneficial, it is important to note that you should always check with your doctor before stopping any medications or starting any new exercise program or natural remedies.